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Apex Clipon FAQs

For sizing use our sizing chart or simply measure the fork tube diameter below the top triple clamp.Riser 3” & 4” kits Maximum height of bar’s center line measured from top of riser clamp is 2.125” and3.125”.Re routing of brake lines, clutch cable, throttle cable might be necessary for some models ofmotorcycles, some models may need longer cables or brake lines.Fairing interference may come in to play with any of our clipon kits, please examine your motorcyclecarefully to see if there might be a problem. Many clients have slightly modified their upper or lowerfairing for bar/post/clamp clearance.Distance between the fork tube and edge of riser post is .330”, some top triples might be too thick toaccommodate this kit, some clients have machined off some material on their top triple for clearanceof the post, some clients have slightly machines the post for clearance, any modification of any OEMor APEXMFG parts is strictly the responsibility of the customer and APEXMFG is not liable for any suchmodifications. Modifications or misuse of parts on your motorcycle can cause serious injury or death.International shipping and handling is USPS first class at $35 USD. International priority shipping is $65USD.Standard shipping in the USA is UPS ground which is included in all clipon orders, all other order requiresa shipping and handling fee, any expedited shipping is quoted by email.GP clipons and standard adjustable clipons come sized in 50, 51, 52, or 53mm.Riser kit clamps come sized from 41mm-55mm.Reducer collars for forks less than 41mm are available via special order for $40 USD.For any sizing questions or technical advice or shipping please em

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How do I install riser clip-ons?

You can find and download a detailed document here

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How do I install clipons?

You can find detailed document here

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How do I choose the correct clipon kit for my bike?

The ApexMfg standard clip-on kit is for sport or race ergonomics. The GP clip-on kit is for aggressive race ergonomics and riders that are below 5’8” in height. The 3” and 4” riser clip-ons are for sport, sport touring, cruising ergonomics (these can also be lowered on most bikes for sport ergonomics if your bike serves a dual purpose).

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How do I know what size to order?
The most effective way to order is to measure in millimeters the fork tube diameter just below the top triple clamp. 
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My fork tubes are tapered just below the top triple, can I still use the ApexMfg product?
No you cannot install these clamps onto a tapered fork tube. 
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I want to order 3” or 4” riser clip-ons but I’m not sure there is clearance for the top triple and riser post.
The distance from the fork tube using a 50mm clamp to the riser post is 9mm. For a 41mm fork tube to riser post it is 13mm. 
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How much height will I get from the 3” or 4” riser kit compared to my stock setup?
The center height of the ApexMfg bar located at 0* from the top of a riser clamp is 54mm using a 3” riser post and 80mm using a 4” riser post. If you locate your bar at any of the other angles between - 9* and +9* the bar will then be lower or higher at the far end of the bar in relationship to the bar at the riser post. 
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I’m concerned about fairing clearance using an aftermarket clip-on kit.
Using the 3” or 4” riser kits will potentially interfere with stock or race fairings so limited adjustments from stock can only be achieved. If you’re willing to trim your body work you can achieve greater adjustments. 
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Do I need to change brake lines, wiring or cables?
Typically the stock brake lines, wiring, and cables can be used. These may need to be rerouted so there is no binding or pinching. 
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I’m not sure I can properly install my ApexMfg kit; what should I do?
When in doubt have a certified motorcycle mechanic perform the installation. 
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